IPTV Video On Demand (VOD)

IPTV Video On Demand (VOD) describes a system for the storage of video and multimedia material such that it can be accessed on demand by any authorized user from any TV or PC attached to your corporate network. Content on an IPTV video on demand system is unlimited - recorded lectures for the education sector, training and reference material for business, movies for the hospitality industry. IPTV Video On Demand (VOD) integrates seamlessly with our IPTV systems for distribution of live TV.

Users select the content they wish to view from an indexed list displayed on their viewing screen. Exactly what an individual user has access to is controlled by the IPTV VOD system administrator. The user has control of playback with facilities to pause, fast forward, rewind and can adjust the picture to any size.

Your library is stored digitally on a central IPTV video on demand network appliance and played back across your data network using IPTV streaming techniques to the viewing points.

Where your network is used for video streaming of live events - a CEO address or keynote speech for instance – the live video stream can be recorded and added to your library of content. Similarly if your network is used for IPTV streaming of TV channels, these may be recorded to your IPTV video on demand server to be indexed and added to your library.

An IPTV video on demand system can be scaled to support any number of users, requires no additional cabling and digital technology guarantees DVD quality at every viewing point. Individual video players, recorders, leads and DVD discs are replaced by a single reliable central video on demand server making content available instantly at the click of a TV remote control or PC mouse button.

IPTV video on demand leverages the investment in your data network to provide a video distribution solution which extends video to the desktop and brings stunning quality pictures to your big screens.

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