What is IPTV ?

IPTV is a system which Television and Video content  is delivered using the networking methods(internet protocol) such as TCP IP or UDP etc. 

IPTV started in 1994  by ABCNews.

The modern IPTV system is capable carrying HDTV

Mainly there are 2 types of IPTV system 

   You can find IPTV over Ethernet in community buildings, Hospitals, schools or big building. These buildings equipped with their own IPTV headend system which capture the Digital Television channels or Radio from Satellites,Camera, or any other sources such as a DVD or a composite video. These video content than distribute through the building's existing MULTICAST enabled LAN network.

       Without a MULTICAST enabled LAN network the IPTV will not work effectively.

   IPTV VOD: Along with Live Television channels the VOD server(video on demand) 
required for the VOD service. According to the simultaneous users and storage capacity the IPTV VOD server will have different  types configurations.

    The channel provider location is always remote. The channels is distributed through very high speed Broadband. Some areas with limited internet speed will not get this kind of service.The advantage of IPTV over internet is, the user can get  the channels world wide.    

For successful distribution of IPTV the following equipments should used
  • IPTV streamer 
  • IPTV Server
  • IPTV Middleware Server
  • IPTV VOD Server
  • Network Switch

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