SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna Television). 

      In this type of system each subscribers can directly receive the channels from the satellite without altering or changing the original content.  So the quality will be always optimum compared to other technologies such as CATV or MATV. The signals will be distributed using Multiswitches, Amplifiers and Taps. Maximum up to 32 satellite polarity input available in the modern SMATV systems (Spaun). But 16(16 SAT+1 Ter) Polarities are common.Others are.
  • 12 input SMATV system (12 SAT+1 Ter)
  •  8 input SMATV system (8 SAT+1 Ter)
  •  5 input SMATV system (5 SAT+1 Ter)
                Below find Some of the other features.
  • To view the channels each user need to purchase Satellite Receiver/Decoder individually.
  • There is no channel limitation or restriction like CATV. All the channels transmitted from the connected satellites can watch. Also whenever a new channel available the user can tune it  himself without any additional expense.
  • To watch the pay channels Each user need to subscribe individually.
  • The satellite signals will reach most difficult part of the world where cable TV is not available
  • SMATV's system can carry MATV and CATV along with satellite signal.
  • SMATV's Compatible with Cable internet (with return path compatible smatv system.
                  Satellite considers as the most reliable technology in the world for broadcasting.

MATV:    (Master Antenna Television)
                In MATV systems there will be a common sets of  TV Antennas & FM Antennas connected using the RF amplifiers, Taps & splitters the signal will be distributed in the entire community building. Usually a standard TV can  directly receive the channels without any additional equipment if it is in free to air mode. For pay channels you may need to use a set-top box. The channels could be Analogue or digital. Most of the  MATV network is very old which is installed years before. These days the analogue channels shifted to digital mode and it is possible to use the old network for that purpose with small alteration.
CATV: (Community Antenna Television  or Cable Television)
               In a CABLE TV system, combinations of selected channels(Max. approx.100 Ch in analogue Cable). Using a Standard TV each user can receive the available channels in the Cable system.
 Here find the standard features        
  • Usually to view a pay channel the subscriber no need to pay the subscription fees. 
  • No need a separate setop-box to view the channels
  • Limited channels compare to SMATV
  • Picture quality is less (in analogue cable) 
  • Only cable company can add the channels.

Top SMATV Equipment Manufactures

                Spaun is the most trusted German manufacturer in  equipment's with full 
                range of products.The brand is giving excellent quality with 5 years warranty.
                Wisi ia also from Germany with excellent reputation in the field of SMATV

  • kathrein 
  • Televes 
  • Triax  
  • Fracarro 
  • Ikusi 
  • Polytron

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