Smatv Installation Dubai, Sharjah and all other places in UAE

              We do quality installation of SMATV systems in all surrounding places of Dubai and Sharjah emirates. We can design and install the smatv system as per your requirement and budget. Also we can fix all kind of problems in the smatv system whether it is German make or Spanish made.The following type of SMATV system installation we can undertake in Dubai and Sharjah. If you need any kind of help to choose the right solution feel free to contact us.

  • Installation of smatv system in dubai, sharjah and other areas of UAE.
  • Annual maintenance contact for SMATV systems.
  • Repairing SMATV of system.
  • Designing of smatv.

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Telephone : 00971 56 9156208

           Below find the features between various types of SMATV systems.

SMATV-IF system (SAT-IF Distribution)

  • Among all other TV system SMATV-IF is best in quality and future Proof system. 
  • All homes can share the common dish antennas Installed in the roof of a building.
  • Each user required a Digital Satellite Receiver.
  • No need of many Satellite Antennas so building will look tidy & neat
  • Full HD compatible.
  • Ultra High Definition (UHD) Compatible.
  • New channels from the installed dish antenna can easily add and no need further investment.
  • The user can subscribe Pay channels himself hence no need investment from building owner.                     

  • Compare to Smatv-IF the maximum available channels restricted approx 800 to 1000 channels (SD) and for HD  375 to  450 Channels.
  • Full HD compatible.
  • Good quality picture without distortion or interference.
  • The TV should be equipped with digital tuner in order to receive the SMATV-RF signal.
  •  If TV doesn't have the digital tuner, QAM/COFDM set-top box require in order to revive the channel.
  • Cost effective.
  • Maximum approx.90 channels only available.
  • No Need of Set-Top box or Receiver to receive the channels.
  • Picture quality is less compare to Digital-RF or SMATV-IF.
  • Cheaper compare to SMATV-Digital-RF.
  • SMATV-RF Analog soon will be obsolete. 
For installation/maintenance of  SMATV system in Dubai, Sharjah and other parts of UAE please contact us below details.

Email        :
Telephone : 00971 56 9156208

We have done various smatv projects in UAE for many reputed companies.

Other services we undertake
  • Satellite Dish Antenna Installation
  • Dish Farm installation for IPTV system

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