Exterity IPTV System Settop-Box Part-5

Exterity AvediaPlayer receive make TV and video channels available to analogue and digital TVs and AV display devices from a standard IP network (LAN). This eliminates the need for an expensive additional video cabling system, and picture quality is maintained, no matter how many users are added.

AvediaPlayer receivers may be used with both fixed and portable display equipment. An optional high-security mount provides additional protection for device and cabling in applications such as secure accommodations.

As part of an Exterity Building IPTV solution, all AvediaPlayer receivers deliver four primary benefits:
  • Quickly add display equipment anywhere on the LAN without degrading picture quality
  • Centralised management via web management interface or SNMP network management tools for reduced operating expenses
  • Afford administrators greater control of content access (e.g., by user and group, scheduling) and options (e.g. language, subtitles, etc.)
  • Improve user convenience with iPhone/iPad app control of channel, volume, language and more via organisational WiFi
  • Increase revenue or enhance training with support for RTSP and HTTP on-demand video
  • Automatic channel recognition simplifies installation
  • DVB subtitling
  • Teletext
  • User selection of channel language
AvediaPlayer models
  • AvediaPlayer r9200: lowest power consumption
  • AvediaPlayer r9210: additional digital and analogue outputs to extend the life of existing AV equipment
  • AvediaPlayer r9220: provides support for IP telephone, internet access and other network services for even lower capital and operating costs.

Exterity AvediaPlayer receivers also integrate seamlessly with standard IPTV equipment from many other manufacturers using the Receiver Development Kit (RDK), which allows third-party applications to control receivers via Telnet, SNMP, and JavaScript.

Download the AvediaPlayer brochure

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