iptv technology

The standard iptv system have following sections

Source: Input video channels from various sources such as Satellite, Terrestrial or a Composite /HDMI

IP-Streamer:  Each channel required an IP streamer depend on what type input such as DVB to IP
Streamer,Video-Encoder -Streamer, or DVB-C to IP streamer  etc

Middlleware Server:  A middleware server is required for the integration of the all the equipment's in the
iptv system, such as easy channel navigation,Video On Demand(VOD), internet browsing  & other
systems such as billings etc.
Middleware server is not required if you want only the basic functions.

VOD Server:  For video on demand functions a VOD server is required.This is were all the
 movies and contents stored. According to the number of users various types of VOD server available.
If the IPTV system is not required VOD functions no need to install the VOD server.

Network Switch: This is an important part of the IPTV system so please give a good attention in this
area. All the network switches should be IGMP snooping enabled & core switch should be IGMP
querier & Snooping enabled. Otherwise the network will be flooded.
All the IPTV streamers, encoders, VOD server, Middleware will hook to the core switch.
All switches should have 1Gb uplink port.

Set-Topbox: Using this equipment the end user play his favorite channels. The TV can be directly
connected to settopbox using HDMI cable or composite video cable. There will be one or more Ethernet
 port for connecting the settopbox to the network.