IPTV Cloud Middleware

VoDKA is an IPTV Cloud Middleware Architecture that integrates several service provider subsystems in order to provide customers with and advanced multiscreen media experience. This user functionality is enabled trough a plugin system:
  • LiveTV. Complete SD and HD LiveTV access with miniguide, EPG views, multiple-audios, multiple-subtitles, teletext, etc...
  • PVR. USB storage support with Personal Video Recording
  • Radio. Live radio support
  • Home Media. Personal media access in the connected digital home. USB storages and Network shares. Video, Audio, Images, Streaming, etc...
  • Apps. Complete interactive applications support. Pre-integrated apps include: RSS news, Video and Audio Podcasts, Youtube, InternetRadio, Games, internetTV channels, etc...
  • Web Browsing.
  • Preferences.
Services can be extendend adding more componentes to the architecture:
  • VoD. Adding a VoDKA server the middleware can provide a video on demand catalog with highlights, complete browsing, open search, parental control, historical, resume, movie info, etc...
  • Time-Shift. Adding VoDKA nPVR infrastructure LiveTV channels can be recorded server side, and then allow the user to access non-linear LiveTV providing: pause LiveTVskip-backstart-over and CatchUp TV services.
The IPTV Cloud Middleware architecture main components are:
  • Middleware Core System. Main support of the complete IPTV service. Integrates all existing subsistems to build up the multiscreen customer experience.
    • OSS. The Operational Support System manages the distribution, provisioning, operation and support of users and services in the system.
    • BSS. The Business Support System manages all the available offer (Packages, Products, Channels, Contents,etc...), and the rights adquired by users (Subscriptions, Payments, Billing, etc...).
    • Asset Management. Supports content workflows and metadata support for on-Demand content.
    • GUI and Apps. Main Graphical User Interface and Interactive Applications support.
    • Database. Stores all the information.
  • Integration APIS
    • The OSS system offers a complete XML/HTTP API for integration with existing provisioning and monitoring tools.
    • The BSS systems offers a complete XML/HTTP API for integration with existing billing, cms, crm systems and with CAS/DRM systems.
  • Contribution middleware nodes
    • EPG. Adquiring EPG information from contibution channel with the possibility to complement it with external data. Persistent EPG informations to support CatchUp-TV services.
    • Teletext. Adquires Teletext pages and provides an interactive Teletext Application to the Middleware.
  • Distributed middleware nodes. Edge middleware nodes in the cloud providing final user's service.

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